Our Team of Researchers:

Field Researcher

Debbie Tate Pregi

Field Researcher

Brenda Sproul

Associate Researchers

Brian & Terrie Seech


Associate Researcher

Gwendolyn Purcell

Owner/Creator of Got Knockers, From Behind Tall Trees Podcast Host, Bigfoot-The Podcast Host

Associate Researchers

Jami & Jenny King

Penn-Ohio Bigfoot F.E.E.T.

Associate Paranormal Investigator

Angel Deyarmin "Ghost Chic"

Associate Researcher

Bob Lemle

Bigfoot Recon

Associate Researcher

Les O'Dell

WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters

Associate Researcher

Fred Saluga

Fayette County Bigfoot Research Project


Enjoy the podcast hub right here:  Here are some of OUR Favs:  

Agent of the Unexplained Podcast


Catskill Appalachian Research Collective


Bigfoot-The Podcast

WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters


Sasquatch Experience


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